What I like most is that I can see the general specialties of each country, and they really aren't too different. A good reminder that all countries are talented and can create amazing things.

COSTUME ( Dracolyte)

This is a mod for Level 20 Dracolyte. The staff I use is the Chilly Channeler, the starting Ice Sage staff.

What do I enjoy about Trove the most? Easy, the community of a good club, where people help each other out and have fun Troving together.

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go to I highly doubt you already have everything on there

Trovesaurus is incredible! The mod database is honestly one of the best things about Trove as a whole. I love the incredible art and it is nice being able to check CC rotation.

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Replaces Awesome Ball with a pig!

And kind of impractical now that I think about it

The guides section, in my opinion, would be most useful. Obviously this is not a small undertaking.


Voted: Neon Ninja

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Looks cautious and dangerous at the same time. Amazing.

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Voted: Gunslinger

Gotta say, Gunslinger has always been my favorite class. Please immortalize him with your amazing art skills!

Etaew, would you like me to edit my video to help it fit your commentary? I can do so.

100 Words!        

  One day, Tomb Raiser and Chromatic Qubesly were unexpectedly attacked by a giant lizard. They blasted the lizard, but in their haste they crossed their magical blasts of Time and Undeath. The lizard grew until a giant T-Rex stared down at them. It roared, and Tomb Raiser ran. When all seemed lost, the T-Rex fell, a dart protruding from its side. "Who saved me?" he wondered out loud. "My brother," said Gunslinger, the had just arrived and seen the dart strike. "The one Trovian who is a faster draw than even me, and the bravest of us all: Dino Tamer.

How so? 0.001% = 0.00001/1 = 1/100,000.

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