COSTUME ( Dino Tamer)

This Archeologist was well known back in the day for finding fossils for the exhibits of today's museums. Now it is among the living commanding the pile of bones that is has found in the past.

Really like how you have the fish in an aquarium. The Crimson Siltdancer looks so cute <3

This does not to fit within the criteria of the contest:

"Create fan art that features any of the Trove Fish that can be found when fishing in water, lava, chocolate or plasma."

What you have here is a Trovian doing the act of fishing. This contest is a Fish Art Contest, not a Fishing Art Contest.

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

This chaotic gunslinger dwells within the Seas of Chaos, obeying the orders of its master.








Runs the Trove Wiki and is responsible for the new Sageosaurus logos.

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