COSTUME ( Tomb Raiser)

COSTUME ( Chloromancer)

Worthy only for those who will lead the Amperium army to victory.

COSTUME ( Revenant)


This creature roams about in the void, watching over those who enter its home endlessly.


Native to the void, this creature feeds off of Cryptic Critters until it grows strong enough to take on larger prey.


This tiny successor of Indurion the Unwavering has a hard time staying focused on one thing.


This being spreads darkness throughout the prime worlds leaving them in an eternal eclipse.


Bees gather in one place and make honey on your weapon of choice. It drips with delicious honey.


You are now the queen of the colony. Hopefully they don't sting back.


With the power of a colony of Bees, these honeycombs take to the skies spreading honey along the way.

COSTUME ( Vanguardian)

Under the rule of the shadows, this guardian spreads the darkness in the prime worlds.

COSTUME ( Vanguardian)

Tasked to protect the lands of the sky, this guardian waists no time to protect those from the darkness.

COSTUME ( Vanguardian)

Originated from a land of chaos, this hero only brings mischief rather than saving the weak and innocent.

No description entered


Someone must be a madman for giving a Hydrasnek armor. Now it is more deadly towards Trovians, but this one seems to be tamed.


Even though it is as terrifying as a dragon, it is actually very friendly towards Trovians. 


Those who wonder why it is covered in old leather boots fished up from the depths, it is too shy to show itself to others.

COSTUME ( Candy Barbarian)

Loyal to the mythical paragon Mitaura, this warrior defends the people of the skies from the dangers of the shadows.

COSTUME ( Dracolyte)

COSTUME ( Candy Barbarian)

COSTUME ( Boomeranger)


Darkness has consumed the mind only leaving dark and sinister thoughts.

COSTUME ( Dino Tamer)

This Archeologist was well known back in the day for finding fossils for the exhibits of today's museums. Now it is among the living commanding the pile of bones that is has found in the past.

Really like how you have the fish in an aquarium. The Crimson Siltdancer looks so cute <3

This does not to fit within the criteria of the contest:

"Create fan art that features any of the Trove Fish that can be found when fishing in water, lava, chocolate or plasma."

What you have here is a Trovian doing the act of fishing. This contest is a Fish Art Contest, not a Fishing Art Contest.


Well-known modder and runs the Trove Wiki.


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