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|| Dolphin Pod (A group of Dolphins)||
Introducing the playful yet curious creatures of the seas. These marine creatures come in many different types to occupy their surroundings.

All mount variations replace the [collection=Frolicksome Fox Spirit] (An Adventure Box Fox Spirit mount)
Also replaces [collection=Racing Raptor] for those who do not have the mount.

This is a HUGE project that I decided to work on along with a small bit of help from [user=SkyTheVirus]. Some of which is a learning experience on how the style for each theme works (mainly the Neon and Kami variants being two different things) but it turned out nicely. I've spent so much time working on these since there are a total of 25 mounts each very different from one another.

Thanks to SkyTheVirus for working on the following Dolphins:
- [mod=5654]
- [mod=5661]
- [mod=5675]

So here are all the Dolphins! Previews for them will all be in an imgur album here:

|| List of all Dolphin mods: ||

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