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SkyTheVirus PC

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Commander of the Virus

SkyTheVirus's Art

Indurion, the Unwavering - SkyTheVirus

Baesmuth, the Shaper's Gift - SkyTheVirus

Etaew Cosplay - SkyTheVirus

Pinata Family - SkyTheVirus

Defender of the Eclipse - SkyTheVirus

Batting Eye - SkyTheVirus

Tiny Wave Whipper - SkyTheVirus

Flakbeard, the Relentless (Original Lineart) - SkyTheVirus

Admiring Eyetopus - SkyTheVirus

Hydrasnek - SkyTheVirus

The Legend is Born - SkyTheVirus

Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents - SkyTheVirus

Cycle of Love - SkyTheVirus

C Sharp (Shadow Hunter) - SkyTheVirus

B_Yellow Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Fishing with Sam - SkyTheVirus

Red Terror Turtle - SkyTheVirus

Junebug Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Avarem Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Take Care Avarem from SkyTheVirus - SkyTheVirus

Weeping Prophet Sculpture - SkyTheVirus

Pinata Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Jade Clover Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Diamond Dragon Egg Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Eye of Q'bthuhlu Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Qubesly Approves Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Ganda Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Dream Gobbler Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Chaos Chest Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Sad Sage Emoji - SkyTheVirus

Watchful Prophet - SkyTheVirus

Dr. Qubesly on the Scene - SkyTheVirus

Frienemies - SkyTheVirus

Deli-Da-Derp!! - SkyTheVirus

Ted (Dopesheet) Sanger - SkyTheVirus

Andrew (Avarem) Krausnick - SkyTheVirus

Chibi Robin (Twixler) Luera - SkyTheVirus

Super Magical Sprite - SkyTheVirus

The Etaew and the Virus - SkyTheVirus

Commander Vitus (SkyTheVirus) [Inked Bookmark] - SkyTheVirus

Chronozilla [Inked Bookmark] - SkyTheVirus

Miragician [Inked Bookmark] - SkyTheVirus

Temperate Mastermind (Miragician Costume) - SkyTheVirus

Miragician Class Art - SkyTheVirus

Whos the believable one now! - SkyTheVirus

[Class Concept] Miragician - SkyTheVirus

Pixel Sageosaurus - SkyTheVirus

Summer-Side Turtles 8-Bit Painting - SkyTheVirus

Call of the Moon 8-Bit Painting - SkyTheVirus

The Contorting Contemplator - SkyTheVirus

One Line Weeping Prophet - SkyTheVirus

Trove Card - Knight - SkyTheVirus

Trove Card - Tomb Raiser - SkyTheVirus

Trove Card - Dracolyte - SkyTheVirus

Trovesaurus Group Splash Screen - SkyTheVirus

Balefire Beast - SkyTheVirus

Etaew Tamer - SkyTheVirus

Cassie (ButtGoblin) #welldrawncassie - SkyTheVirus

Little Etaew - SkyTheVirus

Dracolyte - SkyTheVirus

Mad Scientist Cosplay - SkyTheVirus

SkyRider's Revenant Sculpture - SkyTheVirus

The Everdark - SkyTheVirus

Albairn, Voice of Dawn - SkyTheVirus

A (Attempt to make a) Chocolate Dragon Cake - SkyTheVirus

Candy Barb Painting - SkyTheVirus

Pixel Perfect Piñata - SkyTheVirus

Call of the Moon - SkyTheVirus

Prefect Penguin Charm - SkyTheVirus

Rev and the Steed - SkyTheVirus

Raptor Assassin Class Concept - SkyTheVirus

Moonwing Dragonling - SkyTheVirus

Shadow Hydra Head - SkyTheVirus

Mecha-Dracolyte - SkyTheVirus

Koroki, the Shower of Chaos - SkyTheVirus

Dubstep Concert - SkyTheVirus

Tower of Shadows - SkyTheVirus

Kiwi Ally - SkyTheVirus

Sageosaurus Sculpture - SkyTheVirus

Revenge: A Trove PvP Graphic Novel by SkyTheVirus - SkyTheVirus

I will get my Revenge! by SkyTheVirus - SkyTheVirus

Little Revenant - SkyTheVirus

Chocolate (Candorian) Dragon by SkyTheVirus - SkyTheVirus

Fae - SkyTheVirus

Summer-Side Turtles by SkyTheVirus - SkyTheVirus

Papercraft Empowered Gem by SkyTheVirus - SkyTheVirus

Q'bthuhlu's Guard by SkyTheVirus - SkyTheVirus

About SkyTheVirus

I am known as SkyTheVirus... or Commander Vitus. A well known Trove Artist who is also a virus :P jk...

Check out all my other art on my DeviantArt!  

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