Bard Class

The Tune Up! update brings the new Bard class.

Bards embellish with relish, singing their song to assist their allies' abilities and enfeeble their enemies. Unleash a mighty kabong with your lute fist or cultivate a crowd with your cadence - playing to perfection powers your percussion.



Crafting on the Chaos Core Crafter (Advanced Classes)

Bardium (Crafting Material)

A pulsing gold and blue ore that when touched fills ones head with musical inspiration.

This ore is found rarely in lower tiers of Geode Caves.


Basic Attack

The Bard sends out a strum of their lute dealing 250% magic damage to enemies in front of them. When the bard has 3 Melody this attack deals 450% magic damage but turning it up to 7 Melody deals 700% magic damage.

Melody (Passive)

Melody is used for the Bard’s abilities and is generated from the Bardsong buff. Gaining Melody rotates what ultimate the Bard has access to. Having high Melody will also increase the Bard's basic attack damage. Melody is displayed on the Bardsong buff bar.

Nimble Dance (M2)

A parry attack that deals 200% damage in a cone and grants the user an invulnerability bubble for 1 second. Nimble Dance removes 1 Melody. If used correctly during the Bardsong buff it will add 1 Melody.

Singing Crystal (1)

Throws a singing crystal onto the ground. Whenever a song is used to buff nearby players, the area of effect is around both the bard and crystal. After using the ability Singing Crystal swaps into Crystal Pop.

Crystal Pop (1)

Detonates the Singing Crystal with an overloaded amount of musical energy causing it to deal 350% magic damage to enemies around it and destroying the Singing Crystal. After using the ability Crystal Pop swaps back to Singing Crystal.

Epic Riff (2)

Starts the Bardsong buff and adds 1 to Melody. Bardsong periodically spawns icons above the Bard’s head. If the player uses the ability that matches the icon while it is active, they will gain 1 Melody. All Melody is lost when Bardsong buff ends. Duration is 50 seconds and displayed on the Bardsong buff bar.

Using this ability while the Bardsong buff is active will refresh the song, keep your current Melody and add 1 to Melody. Abilities that can be used to gain Melody from the song are Basic Attack, Primary, Secondary, and Dodge.


Bardsong Buffs

Jubilant Song

Peaceful Song

Battle Song

Class Gem

The Bard has increased attack range and bard songs have increased effectiveness:


Personal Song

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liked this!

thank you for the neat arrangement <3 
but i think bardsong buffs lasts 30 seconds instead of 3 seconds. also remove 3 melody instead of 5 now :3

maybe it wasn't written wrong when you wrote it, i think it was changed when it came over from PTS to Live or they do hotfix


Thank you for the poke, I've added the values from the live release notes, so they should be correct now :)

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wee thank you for your work :3


 I've added the values from the live release notes, so they should be correct now

The patch notes are wrong since pts, you don't get critical hit from battle song, you get critical damage.

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oh rly? even still now? anyway ty for info


Trop dur a craft pour moi qui a 25k pr

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The bard class is a bland name for a class, maybe change it to something more consistent and wacky feel to it like Vagabond Bard or something rhymes and matches its origin biome.

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cannot wait for use bard to test my mod

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liked this!

[Deleted User]

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this is so cool, i wonder if its actually gonna get in game :), hope it comes soon lol