I want to get back in the habit of letting you guys know what changes around the site, so here is a list of the things that I remembered to write down during August and September so far. This list isn't exhaustive, I am terrible at keeping notes.

August 2015

  • You can now view mods that replace a collection item on the collection items page, e.g. Neophyte's Wings this is set with the "Replaces" field on a mod with a collection item name, or a link to a collection item.
  • Added support for the shoutbox / chat system to have multiple channels, have added one to club pages as a test.
  • Added a profile setup sidebar box to draw attention to things people can change about their account, including username changes, setting in-game names, forum profile urls, email address and chat icons.
  • You can now view what clubs you are owner of on the Profile page
  • Added a form on all pages for logged in users to report broken content or make suggestions for the site.
  • You can now set your in-game name in your profile, we use this information for giveaways.
  • You can now set a user icon in your profile, it is shown on your profile page, replaces the profile button image, and is used in the chat box.
  • Added a chat box to the Server Status page
  • Added icons to the front page to allow quick access to main DB pages
  • You can now rate on Guides and Mods
  • Added support for series of guides, if an author has the same Tag for their guide, other guides they create with the same tag will show at the top of the guide. Example: http://www.trovesaurus.com/page=785/flasks-and-emblems
  • Updated the Classes page to show weapon types and abilities in a clearer way.

September 2015

  • Commenting has now been activated on mod pages, mod authors get email notifications of new comments if they have an email address set on their profile.
  • Page comments are now back onto our own comment system and not Livefyre
  • User profiles have cleaner URLs, for example: Etaew's Classes or Milambit's Mods
  • Added the ability to set Mastery and Classes in your profile
  • Added a sidebar widget to display information for your top class.
  • Unlocked a Armory summary page for user entered class information
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All I can say is - long live Trovesaurus. Cheers!