Hello Trovians!

Do you wonder what playing the Boomeranger class feels like? Or the Boomeranger is already your favorite class? Then it is your time to shine! Whether you’re into explosive classes or just want to up your costume game, we’ve got you covered! 🏹

Don’t miss out on this, from April 16 at 11:00 am UTC until April 23 at 11:00 am UTC – on all platforms in our in-game store!

⭐ Discover the Boomeranger class with a 20% discount!

⭐ The following costumes are available with a 20% discount:

Comic Hero
Dark Boomeranger
Magic Man
Winter Boomeranger

⭐ Additionally, you can find the following items with discounts of up to 25%:

Delver’s Delights – 20% Discount
Lustrous Dragon Deal – 20% Discount
Ancient Gear Archive – 20% Discount
Death-Defying Vial – 20% Discount
11 Chaos Chests – 20% Discount
110 Chaos Chests – 25% Discount
Xero Line Wings – 20% Discount
Soulfire Wings – 20% Discount
Bloodseeker Wings – 20% Discount

⭐ Additionally, the following packs are only available for a limited time:

Sunrise Spring
Pastoral Picnic

Don’t miss these deals!

Your Trove Team!

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