• Mana Maximizers can rarely drop from Heavy Pressurized Chests in Delves, starting at Depth 110
  • 10 Mana Maximizers per week can be obtained from the Shadowy Soul Vault in Delves (5 given from the 6th open, 1 given for the first 5 opens).
  • 1+ Mana Maximizer will always drop from the Leviathan Vault using a Leviathan Key
  • Mana Maximizers will drop from mana creatures at a slightly increased rate as your Uber world level increases (the creatures that drop Crystallized mana in Elemental and Geode Topside worlds).
  • New collectibles have been added for Mysticism, craftable at the Alchemystic's Lab.
  • The Mysticism Expertise Thread is now accessible, along with some new deco objects.
  • The Martial Arts Expertise Thread is also now available.
  • Converting a Mantra in to a Litany also applies Enlightened, granting +1% Light for the remainder of the current week.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause learning a potion recipe at the Alchemystic's Lab remove any active Buff.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Manahunter Potions from functioning.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Revenants to use Shout: Invigorating Roar.
  • Fixed an issue where Neon Punch would deduct its equipment even when on cooldown.
  • Fixed a number of Litanies which could not be removed in the Effects Viewer.
  • The Vampire’s Grace Buff and Potion can now both be removed from the Effects Viewer
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