Hey Trovians!

Have you ever met Cranny the Curiousity Cat?

We figured some of you have, but let’s introduce this lovable feline to those who may not!

“Cats are known to be curious creatures, yet very cautious nonetheless, this one in particular is not only curious but also has curious goods!”

Cranny the Curiosity Cat is one of the many Trove NPCs you can find in the Hub. She resides within the Light’s den, holding many curiosities that may not be common elsewhere!

Want to know where Cranny and the Light’s Den is?

You can find the Light’s Den entrance by the Northwest and Northeast inner corners of the Hub, simply follow the stairs to find a couple of amazing characters, one of them is our lovable feline Cranny!

Be sure to pay Cranny a visit every now and then for some true curiosities!

“Does Cranny ever get lonely when Luxion isn’t around?” – The Trove Team

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a scammer npc 😏