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Our last month's challenge was well received by our community, so again we are hosting a challenge to draw another randomly assigned artist's character on Trove.

We need to know who is taking part, so please sign up over the next two weeks.

There will be Reward Tokens for taking part in this event.

To take part you will need:

  • To sign up by May 13
  • To be available to draw between May 14 and May 28
  • To provide a screenshot of your character
  • If you don't already have a history of creating art for Trove on Trovesaurus please also submit a drawing of your character as you need to be able to draw to take part in this event
  • Optionally provide the character name and class

To register you can:

When you are registered we will add your name to the Signups list below.

Registration closes May 13

Drawing assignments start May 14

We will shuffle the participants, and assign each artist a random subject to draw. Etaew will contact you with your assignment.

Art results should be finished by May 28

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just wanted to say for @EZz_Luigi entry : 3rd Mario Brother Queen bee Mr Satan LMAO

I wish I got that one XD



I would like to join!


As listed on this page, to take part in the challenge please submit either to the gallery or to me, some Trove art that you have created that features your character.

i will participate

I will participate in this event again! :)


Using the same reference or a new one? :)


Prepare another character! I will send it to you when it is ready! :D