To celebrate the Fae vs. Undead event, Trove is running two Twitch Drops campaigns for the duration of the event.

Check out the rewards below:

Trove FvsU 2021 Drops 1

Chaos Chest lootbox (1 hour)

Dev Dream lootbox (+4 hours)

 Cute Topped Carrot ally (+1 hour)

Stone Shaper Tomb Raiser costume (+1 hour)

Necrotrickster Fae Trickster costume (+1 hour)

Lush Leo mount (+1 hours)

Total of 9 hours.

Trove FvsU 2021 Drops 2

The Streamer Dream (2 hours total)

Streamer Dream 2 (3 hours total)

Streamer Dream 3 (4 hours total)

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liked this!

lets gooooo i finished all the drops :D