Bunfest 2021

March 30, 2021 (updated 3 weeks ago) by Etaew

Bunfest 2021- Bunnies? Eggs? CHOCOLATE!? Bunfest is here!

Event Summary


Event Currency: Bunfest Token

  • By completing Bunfest Daily Adventures from NPCs in the hub
  • 40% of the time when donating chocolate

Bunfest Daily Adventures

  • Found in the Hub
  • Defeat Egg Dungeon
  • Donate Chocolate
  • Find Hidden Egg

Egg Biomes

  • Egg Dungeons and Harvestable Eggs will appear in the following biomes:
  • Candoria
  • Fae Forest
  • Medieval Highlands
  • Geode Topside

Crafting Material: Bunfest Chocolate

  • Harvestable Eggs found on the ground in the Egg Biomes
  • Egg Dungeon Chests from the egg dungeons in the Egg Biomes
  • The Bunfest Delve end chest

Craft 3 New Allies

Rare collections from Eggs in Adventure Worlds

Bunfest 4x Size Eggs + No Topside Grass from TFMHisztike

Rare collections from Egg Dungeons

7 items to craft from the Bunfest Bench

Collections from the Bunfest Delve

Allies (tradeable)



Main Quest Chain

#0/6: Complete Qubesly's Quest to access Events

Finish helping Qubesly to participate in Events! You can change your tracked quest at the Adventures Board.

#1/6: Greet Qubesly in the Bunfest Pavillion

Bunfest 1/6: Trovian! Meet me in the hub, our Hoppin' friends from out of town are here again and are in need of our help!

#2/6: Complete Daily Quests (3)

Bunfest 2/6: Speak to each of these bun-frens here and help them out. Once you've helped them with their day-to-day problems, I'll tell you about their larger woes.

#3/6: Craft a Spirit of Bunfest sugarpetal treat

Bunfest 3/6: Our bun-frens have been kicked out of their chocolatey den, Trovian! Their home gone and banner stolen! That is the tragedy I couldn't stand to tell you before. And not just by anybody... Shadows! However, we can craft a Delve Gateway to defeat the shadowy usurpers. But it requires the true Spirit of Bunfest... which is actually a candy treat! DON'T EAT IT THOUGH!

#4/6: Craft a Bunfest Gateway at the Delve Workbench

Bunfest 4/6: As long as you don't eat that sugarpetal treat, you can craft a Bunfest Gateway at the Delve Workbench here in the Hub. That'll lead you down into the Delves where you can find their den and recover the stolen Bunfest Banner!

#5/6: Recover the Buntopia Standard

Bunfest 5/6: Place that Gateway you crafted and get back the Buntopia standard! It might be difficult, but I know you can do it!

#6/6: Return the Bun Standard to Qubesly in the Hub

Bunfest 6/6: Excellent work, Trovian! Bring the banner back to me in the hub and we can celebrate!

Daily Adventures

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Apperantly there can drop allies from the buntopia delve, so far i've seen Munchable Macrons drop in here.


Thank you for the report, I've added it to the list.


Ally: Pigeon drops from buntopia delve as well


Thank you, I've added that now.

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