An avalanche of musical notes tumbles down and engulfs everyone in the Hub with a sweet melody!
Behind all these musical notes hides our new traveling companion, the Bard.

Our little musician – with elegant movements and powerful songs – brings new additions to our shop (PC only)!

You will be able to find two new packs there, which will allow you to obtain this new melodious class and to dress your new Bard for the next disco party!

Bard Pack
(The Bard class,
the Wings of Song,
Cubix and Pretend Performer costumes,
and Root Beer and Wild Hog allies.)

Bard Super Pack
(Everything in the Bard Pack above,
plus the Pegasooza mount,
the DUBBard, Twangy Clangy, and Tremolonely costumes,
the Fervent Support ally
and 13370 credits!)

Costumes for the Bard

Our cute little bard did not forget about his friends from other classes and brought costumes for them as well:

Have fun browsing the store!

Best wishes,
The Trove Team!

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liked this!

bro soo much is added to the game at once! aaaahhhh!!!!