Trove will be released on Nintendo Switch this summer, and we're collecting questions to ask the Trove team.

Let us know your questions either as a comment on this page or in the Trovesaurus Discord #switch-questions channel.

We'll review the questions in about two weeks, but there is no schedule for when we'll get answers to the questions, we'll post them as news once they are received.


  • What is the average frame rate for Trove on the Nintendo Switch?
  • Can I apply promo codes? do I have to link my account on Glyph like consoles do?
  • Any plans for any Trove class receiving an invite to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? (not exactly sure how do they choose who to add as DLC character)
  • Will there be a single server, or split by regions?
  • Will I be able to transfer my progress from another platform?
  • How often will the Switch version get updates? (ie. Will this be similar to how console updates work)
  • Are there devs specificly working on the switch version of the game and who are they?
  • will there be touch screen support for ui like store, inventory, atlas, etc?
  • will there be options to use the extra buttons on joycons? uses like opening specific menus or in general button remapping?
  • How stable does the game run compared to crashes on other platforms?
  • How are you going to do the login system there? Is it going to be just a screen where you enter your credentials or is the browser actually going to be opened? As the Switch has a "locked" browser, no public access browser.
  • Curious question was the hub update meant to be for the switch because they won't have a menu tab as the console is to small?
  • How does releasing on Switch at this time fit into the long term plan for sustaining Trove? Players on all platforms are extremely frustrated with Trove at the moment. My initial thoughts would be that making a large commitment like this would only further bog down progress of fixing critical issues that no platform can survive with. If I'm wrong I'd like to know the logistics you intend to play out here. The timing of this does not seem thought out.
  • Parts of files for Switch were already present for years. Why releasing it only now ? What has been the major element of this delay other than pandemic ?
  • What version of Trove will Switch launch with?
  • is it gonna be free?
  • will it have delve cap?
  • Would there be Switch-exclusive collections?
  • Will it have support for the ringcon?
  • will there be amibo support?
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What is the average frame rate for trove on the Nintendo switch?