Renewus 2021

January 5, 2021 (updated 3 months ago) by Etaew

Event Summary

Raving Renewus Pack (3000 Credits)


Main Quest Chain

#0/7: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure

Rewards: Confetti Ball 1

#1/7: Visit Qubesly in the Hub

Renewus 2021 1/7: Hi Trovian! Qubesly here. Renewus is back and the Party has only begun. The night is still young as the kiddos say. Enjoy with celebration of the new year!

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

#2/7: Take down 10 Dungeons (10)

Renewus 2021 2/7: To start the new year with clearing out dungeons and light up the dark spaces for some silly dances!

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

#3/7: Throw Confetti (10)

Renewus 2021 3/7: You did it Trovian! This is going to be a great new year. Help me celebrate by throwing 10 Confetti Balls! You can craft Confetti Balls at the Fun Factory.

Rewards: Chaos Chest 5

#4/7: Defeat Enemies (30)

Renewus 2021 4/7: Hooray for all the confetti Trovian! Oh no! Enemies are causing a ruckus out in the world. Let us show them who runs the party tonight!

Rewards: Renewus New Year

#5/7: Hit the Renewus Orb (10)

Renewus 2021 5/7:  Well done Trovian! It is nearly time for the celebratory orb to drop in the Hub. Head to the hub and hit the Orb in celebration. New Orbs drop every few minutes!

Rewards: Bound Brilliance 15

#6/7: Take Down 3 Star Dungeons in Neon City (5)

Renewus 2021 6/7: Now that you have the orb's power it is time to take on some more dungeons. Take down 3 Star dungeons in Neon City and kick those shadows to the curb.

Rewards: Neon Ox

#7/7: Jump around the hub to Celebrate (5)

Renewus 2020 7/7: This is only the beginning for the New Year. Let us enjoy what it has to offer. Head to the hub and jump around to the new year of Trove!

Rewards: Forge Fragment 5

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