Spring Fling 2020 - Art Challenge

May 12, 2020 (updated 3 weeks ago) by Etaew
1 week ago 27 entries

Spring Fling has arrived and we are challenging our artist community to create some Trove fan-art that features spring.

Example image created by Meowser.


  1. Task
  2. Dates
  3. Rewards



  • Create some Trove fan-art that relates to Spring or the Spring Fling event
    • Consider showing your characters doing the event quest chain or elements from the Spring Fling Pack
  • Upload to the Trovesaurus Gallery, make your art visible and then enter the Spring Fling challenge


  • Tuesday, May 12, 2020 to Tuesday, May 26, 2020


  • The Trove team will select 3 winners to receive Spring Fling Pack (PC ONLY)
    • Console users will be offered alternative rewards
  • Highlighted art will receive an additional 1-2x Reward Tokens
  • Entries which have made an appropriate effort will receive 1x Reward Token
  • Excess Spring Fling Packs will be added to the Rewards section after the results have been published

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