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This limited time pack unlocks the Growing Gater mount, Sir Dapper Duckington ally, Frolicking Fable ally, Bouquet Buggy Magrider, The May Flower Boat and Sail, The Heroic Hydrophobe costume for Knight, The Precipitation Princess costume for Neon Ninja, and the Van Gardener costume for the Vanguardian.

Get them quick before they dip.

Growing Gator

Mount | | 90 Movement Speed |

Sir Dapper Duckington

Ally | | 15% Magic Damage | 15% Physical Damage | Gain a movement speed boost when a nearby enemy dies. |

Frolicking Fable

Ally | | 8% Health Regen | -8% Incoming Damage |

Bouquet Buggy

Mag Rider | | 25 Movement Speed |

May Flower

Ship | | 90 Movement Speed | 70 Turning Rate | 12 Acceleration |

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i wish it had a dino tamer costume D:

liked this!

liked this!



Possible amount of Mastery that may be gained with this pack.

Cost 3000 Credits

We have seen this pack sold for the below amount on the Trove Store. Not including offers or discounts.

Trovesaurus Rewards

This pack is not available on the Trovesaurus Rewards section.