Heroes - Art Contest Results

May 9, 2018 by Etaew 881 0

Thanks for taking part in our Heroes art contest, we have the results from our guest judges SkyTheVirus and MochaMint.

SkyTheVirusTop ^

This battle scene is truly epic. I love the use of depth of field, special effects, and the painterly feel. The scale of the Tenkiller and the various damaged buildings does give the essence of kaiju vs superhero

Really nice dynamic lighting on this one! I also like the story told here, truly an act of heroism

MochaMintTop ^

This one is definitely my favorite, the colour and lines!! <3 also, this costume tells that he's western hero!! I hope Poke finds good modders who can make this costume mod :3

Small vanguardians, small heros! I love them :3 also, I love that background colour!

Special MentionTop ^

Our judges had incredible entries too, comments provided by mau5head.

How you expressed the character's dynamic movement is mind-blowingly awesome. its majestic pose suits perfectly well for such hero, he is like about to save the world with his super power, impressive! :D

The way you displayed Luminopolis and rampage is highly admirable, not to mention the spectacular atmosphere of the scene as whole. I especially found those tiny little guys on the road really attractive. They remind me of picture puzzle :3

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