Evilfest (Community Draws)

January 1, 2018 | Etaew | 1,947

To continue our celebration of Evilagician we are hosting an art contest featuring any of his mods.


Standard contest rules apply, please do not use images from the internet, screenshots from the game, or any work that is not your own.

IMPORTANT: Relation to Trove amnesty is now over, you will need to make sure that for every contest this year it is filled in, or your entry will not count. For this contest you will just need to write the name, or link to the, the mod that you are featuring into the field.


  • Monday, January 1, 2018 to Monday, January 22, 2018


  • 4 entries selected by Evilagician will receive 2x Reward Tokens
  • All entries with appropriate effort will receive 1x Reward Tokens


This is just a sample, you can choose any of Evilagician's Mods

COSTUME ( Tomb Raiser)

Costume mod for the level 20 Tomb Raiser Costume.
The Reconstructor has an unending supply of gears and is able to recreate its minions time and time again.

COSTUME ( Tomb Raiser)

Costume mod for the level 20 Tomb Raiser Costume.
When you are one with the earth, you can raise anything earthly.

COSTUME ( Candy Barbarian)

Replaces lvl 20 Candy Barbarian with an Daemonic Inferno version.


Changes the mighty ice dragon into an even mightier jungle dragon.




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