Quest chain - AWAKENING THE DAWN (Nov 7th - Nov 20th)

November 7, 2017 | Evilagician | 4,611

The Shimmerwing needs your help, Trovian!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 to Monday, November 20, 2017 on PC's and Consoles.

The event features a new 8 step quest chain, daily login rewards.

Quest Objectives

#1/8: Collect Sunlight Bulbs (200)

Awakening the Dawn 1/8: A letter has arrived that appears to be from the Suntouched Shimmerwing. It reads, 'Greetings, Trovian. Elysia has told me the time has come and so I have begun to spin a cocoon of pure light for myself. However, I need your help to complete my metamorphosis.'

Sunlight Bulbs grow in the Peaceful Hills biomes in Uber worlds and higher. Look for the giant sunflower tower to find them.

Reward 10x Chaos Chest

Beautiful bulbs that shine like the sun.

Added Information:

#2/8: Craft Shimmering Sunsilk

Awakening the Dawn 2/8: The Sunlight Bulbs need to be crafted into Shimmering Sunsilk so that I can bind my cocoon together.

Visit the Wheel of Season in the Hub or at your Cornerstone or Club World to craft the Shimmering Sunsilk.


Reward 5x Bound Brilliance

Thread spun from golden petals.

Added Information:

#3/8: Defeat Golden Scarabs (5)

Awakening the Dawn 3/8: The Golden Scarabs of the Medieval Highlands Lairs hold special magic that must be released to enable my transformation.

Reward 5x Bound Brilliance

Beetle beetle, burning bright.

Added Information:

  • Medieval Highlands is the place to be.

#4/8: Craft some Bombs (50)

Awakening the Dawn 4/8: The lairs of dark creatures loom over the lands of the Sun Goddess and inhibit her power. We must bring them down, Trovian. Craft some Bombs to prepare for the assault.

Bombs can be crafted using the Adventure's Crafting Bench at your Cornerstone or in a Club World.

Reward 1x Double Experience Potion

KABOOM! Here's something else to help you while you smash some dungeons.

Added Information:

#5/8: Complete 3-Star Dungeons (20)

Awakening the Dawn 5/8: Now break their walls and defeat your enemies! Complete 3-Star Dungeons in any world, Trovian. The light of Elysia must be able to shine through the darkness.

Reward 5x Bound Brilliance

The darkness is beginning to wane.

Added Information:

#6/8: Mine Infinium (100)

Awakening the Dawn 6/8: Infinium is precious to the Sun Goddess. I grow stronger in its glow. Please mine Infinium Ore to strengthen my defenses and bring the light of Elysia.

Infinium Ore is most commonly found in Uber Worlds such as the Fae Wilds and Candoria.

Reward 5x Bound Brilliance

So shiny!

Added Information:

  • You do have to mine it ;-)

#7/8: Destroy Blocks! (1000)

Awakening the Dawn 7/8: Those bombs you made earlier are also just fun to throw around. Destroying the older parts of a biome can help bring a renewal to the world. Plus you've earned a little fun.

Blow stuff up in any biome! Bombs are good for this but so are Big Bombs. Have fun!

Reward 25x Diamond Dragonite

The metamorphosis is nearly complete.

Added Information:

#8/8: Defeat Enemies (350)

Awakening the Dawn 8/8: The Suntouched Shimmerwing is nearly ready to emerge, but the darker denizens of Trove have sensed her growing power and could soon find her hiding place. You must drive them back or she will never be safe. Prepare yourself for the greater challenges that lie beyond this world, Trovian.

Reward 1x  Radiant Butterfly

The Suntouched Shimmerwing has emerged in all her glory!

Added Information:

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