Mastery, Leaderboards, & Massive Club Changes!

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Some of the biggest changes coming with Trove – Adventures are the massive update to Clubs, the big shift in how Mastery works, and what that means for Leaderboards. Let’s take a closer look!

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ClubsTop ^

Trove – Adventures is a complete overhaul for clubs, and it all begins in the new Hub, with the Club HQ.

Club HQ

The Club HQ is a great way to explore clubs you may have never seen before. Explore this massive building to find portals that lead to Club Worlds from around the globe (or cube, if you will).

Each floor of the Club HQ will display a different type of Club World and you’re free to explore them all! The clubs on display here will be sorted by:

  • Popularity – Based on the number of likes in the Club World
  • Small but active – Based on the number of members who have played recently
  • New Fixtures – Highlights Club Worlds that have recently added new Fixtures (powerful structures that grant various benefits)
  • Club Power Rank – Promotes clubs with high PR
  • Random – You never know what you’re going to find when exploring clubs discovered in one of these portals.

Clubs will have one top rank, known as President, and the President will have a ton of new tools for customizing permissions and setting up various ranks for new players using the all-new Club UI!

As a player you can still be a member of up to 5 clubs, but one will be set as your primary club. Your main club will be the one that you represent to other players and it provides you perks based on what fixtures are placed in your Club World.

One of these new fixtures for Club Worlds is the Rally of Heroes. Club leaders can place down this fixture and spawn Heroes who give a variety of missions, known as Adventures, to Trovians that can be completed for XP to level up the club!

Cardinal Richemelieu

Lady Seldarine


MasteryTop ^

Before the Trove – Adventures expansion on November 14th, Trovians were able to level up their characters and collect items to reach 300 Mastery Rating (MR). This hard cap on Mastery is being removed and now you’ll be able to substantially increase your Mastery, which adds to your Power Rank, making your Trovians more powerful.

With the changes to Mastery come new Mastery rewards. Here are just a few:

  • 100 Mastery now earns a Dragon Horde Deposition Tome that gives 15 Dragon Coins & a Trove of Wonders when filled up each week.
  • 220 Mastery provides 5 Radiant Sovereigns.
  • 250 grants a Golden Dragon Effigy which is an item that unlocks a random dragon not already unlocked by the user.

Mastery 260

LeaderboardsTop ^

With the changes coming to Clubs and Mastery, we’re going to see important changes coming to Leaderboards as well.


Some new leaderboard entries include:

  • Highest Club Power Rank – Counts the Power Rank of up to the top 50 members in a club. You don’t need 50 club members to earn a spot in the leaderboard, but if you have a huge club, it will only factor in the top 50.
  • Flawless Ultra Shadow Tower Runs – Rewards teams for the number of times per week they defeat all Ultra Shadow Tower bosses with no Trovians dying.
  • Weekly World Boss victories – Counts how many World Bosses you’ve beaten per week.
  • Mastery - The Mastery Leaderboard has been reimagined as a way to grant the top 2000 players their Gold Name every week. Item rewards have been removed from this leaderboard entirely.

This is a lot of info and we’re just scratching the surface of what’s coming with Trove – Adventures. Get ready for November 14, 2017 because Trove is kicking it up to a whole new level!



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