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Taliday Art Contest News

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Posted October 3, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 2,040 times.

To celebrate the upcoming birthday of our friend Talita (PC) we are hosting an art contest for her, submit art images of her face or characters for a chance at Trove related goodies.

Tali has for a long time lead the Trove Brasil community, and has spent time being a moderator on the Trovesaurus Discord, she's a constant source of motivation for me to improve site features <3

Note: The official Taliday is the day the contest ends.

Image shown above is a draft by Delicious (PC)


  • Create some art representing Tali's character or face based on inspiration images below
  • Submit your entries to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Community Draws Tali

Please only submit your own work, screenshots, images from the internet and non art entries are not valid.


  • Tuesday, October 3, 2017 to Tuesday, October 17, 2017


  • Each participant who makes an appropriate effort judged by Etaew will receive 1x Reward Token
  • Tali will then choose 4 of her favourite entries to receive an additional 3x Reward Tokens


Community Draws Tali

The Beauty Gunslinger

Soul_Wade (PC)

Tali and her little dog

geza6128 (PS4/EU)

Talita The Hunter

Ender_140 (PC)

Tali's Gunslinger

FieryReaven (PC)

dance party tali

alucard762 (PS4/NA)

Tali head drawing

nomnomsushi (PC)

Tali's Gunslinger

Omegawave (PC)

Happy Tali Day

FLRPnation (PC)

Talita Fan ARt

Erneix (PC)

Accept my sweet blessing!

pokemon008 (PC)


Chrilto (PC)

Happy Taliday!

xXDonDonXx (PC)


Hinku (PC)

Swag Tali

ZeeNon (PC)

Tali Gunslinger in Gallery

SandwichFaker (PC)

Tali and her birdy

Rinaly (PC)

Happy b-day Tali! =)

ZombiPh0o_ (PC)


Nek00 (PC)

H4ppy Taliday ㅡ ! !

mau5head (PC)

Tali gunslinger

cerkaz (PC)

tali-san in taliday

Vitor0307 (PC)

Pastel Tali

FlooFlop (PC)

Tali's Snowsquall Strigid

Exorack (PC)

Tali-Day 2017

CDM135 (PC)

Puella Magi Tali Magica

DeeplyGee (XBOX)

water colors tali

UziEl (PC)

Talis Gunslinger new Presentguns

deno1111 (PC)

Qubesly Talita

matrix3000x (PC)


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