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Derpy Doodles - Art Challenge News

#Art Contest, #Giveaway,

Posted September 14, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 2,439 times.

Our art challenge this fortnight is to create Trove related doodles!


  1. Task
  2. Dates
  3. Rewards


  • Create a Trove related doodle either on paper or digitally
  • Submit to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag Derpy Doodles


  • Thursday, 14 September, 2017 to Thursday, 28 September, 2017


  • All participants who haven't sneezed over MSPaint will receive 1x Reward Token
  • Additional rewards may be granted based on some guest judges

Derpy Doodles

stopible (PC)

#Derpy Doodles,

Subj (PC)

#Derpy Doodles,

Aynat (PC)

#Derpy Doodles,

Ixion (PC)

#Boomeranger,#Derpy Doodles,#Line Art,

ZeeNon (PC)

#Derpy Doodles,

Erneix (PC)

#Derpy Doodles,

Matous (PC)

#Derpy Doodles,

Chrilto (PC)

#Derpy Doodles,


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