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April 2, 2017 | Etaew | 769

We'll post this today, due to hawkwardness of April 1 dates. Here is the roundup of site changes over the past month, a summary of our status and our plans for the coming month.

Art by SkyTheVirus

March Changes

This month I've made the following changes to the site.

  • March 3: Created a new dedicated page for Tomes, this follows the style of other collection dedicated pages.
  • March 3: Enabled the id tag for use in supported text areas
  • March 3: Removed Soul Rancher, Bossy Devil and Garden Living cosmetic packs from the rewards section
  • March 4: Added related dev tracker and general forum posts on the bottom of collection pages
  • March 4: Increased size of user icons in the comments section
  • March 5: Removed the obsolete sort by date / rating options in the comments section
  • March 5: Giveaway draws are now automated within 15 minutes of the closing time
  • March 5: Added Delicious Direwolf to the rewards section
  • March 7: Enabled the Dev Tracker to go hunt for full post text, instead of just the preview
  • March 7: Imported other client languages into the Trovesaurus DB
  • March 8: Fixed an issue where View on Trove Wiki button was hidden
  • March 9: Gold members can now use custom banner images when promoting a livestream
  • March 9: You can quickly access users you follow from the profile dropdown on the menu
  • March 9: You can now spend Reward Tokens on Trovesaurus Gold
  • March 10: You can now edit and remove your own comments, and changed the way you reply to comments
  • March 11: We freed up over 6,000 usernames that didn't contribute anything to the site and weren't activated in the account migration
  • March 12: Added the language dropdown on the top right of the site, allowing switching the site and database language between English, French, German and Brazlian Portuguese.
  • March 12: You can search for database items in local languages
  • March 12: Collection pages now display the names of who designed them
  • March 12: Renamed the profiles /styles page to /designs, and included styles, collections and deco on that list
  • March 12: Items and deco now list the designer properly, as well as include blueprint downloads
  • March 12: All designer information on collections, styles, deco pages link to Trovesaurus accounts if appropriate
  • March 13: Artists can now view their art by groups (tags)
  • March 14: You can no longer set the market value of an item if you haven't made a comment on the site
  • March 14: Improved appearance of the dev tracker posts
  • March 14: Removed the inline Troxel previews due to them acting a bit weird, as well as preventing you from selecting text with your mouse
  • March 14: Modders can now view each part in Troxel, as well as download their blueprints
  • March 14: You can now view reports on the chaos chest contests that we haven't seen, or sorted by date since last seen
  • March 15: When you log in via an email link, and required account activation still, we do that automatically so you don't have to do it again
  • March 15: Condensed the gallery main view page, more information is provided via tooltips
  • March 15: Updated the Boats page to the new collection format.
  • March 15: Collection tooltips now include the obtained text field when there is one set
  • March 15: Tooltips now are loaded in comments
  • March 15: Added Swift Sally to the rewards section
  • March 16: Long comment reply threads only display the most recent 2 messages, the rest are hidden behind a button
  • March 16: Updated the appearance of the calendar page
  • March 17: Gold user tooltips now display their custom title
  • March 17: You can now set titles (captions) on uploaded images, they appear as tooltips and on the image popups
  • March 19: Changing database language using the top-right dropdown now also changes the site language
  • March 21: Fixed an issue with the translation mod creation tool listing the other client languages, oops.
  • March 21: Today in Trove has been removed from the front page, and added in a condensed version to the sidebar
  • March 21: Increased the minimum size of the dropdown menus on the navigation bar
  • March 21: You can now add your own dungeons to your profile designs
  • March 22: Activation mails can be resent after 30m, down from 1 hour
  • March 22: Globally tooltips now have a 0.5s delay to appear and 0.1 delay to hide
  • March 23: You can now only add mods to a pack if they are visible (contains all the info they should)
  • March 23: You can no longer submit empty user reports, or report yourselves (again)
  • March 23: Guide series links at the top of guides now respect the new Page Icon field
  • March 24: Added a new Tips section
  • March 26: Fixed an issue where sometimes the site sidebar didn't appear
  • March 27: Ban wave of duplicate accounts and those attempting to manipulate "likes"
  • March 28: Re-added up and downvoting system, this now is active on the Tips section
  • March 29: Updated the site-wide pagination system to use First / last buttons
  • March 29: Badge unlocks by user are now paginated
  • March 29: The global site search now lists art results
  • March 30: Changed the URL structure of the mods pages, although this results in only one filter per search
  • March 30: Tips can now be searched from the global site search
  • March 30: Improved the search result tabs, they are now more obviously tabs, highlight when active, and take you to the first tab results automatically
  • March 31: Spanish added to the global language dropdown (site only, not database)
  • March 31: News articles can now be pinned to the front page, to prevent them dropping off

March Contests


We are open with our site stats, this month we report:

  • 80,827 users (down 9.25%)
  • 205,477 visits (down 1.88%)
  • 870,059 page views (up 20.63%)
  • 9,958 active users
  • 258 mods
  • 222 art
  • 13 contests

For more history on the stats please view

If you would like to support the site development, please consider Trovesaurus Gold, this allows you to donate to us and we can give you perks like hiding adverts, featuring livestreams, sharing your refer a friend code, a custom avatar and more.

April Plans

My current immediate task list is as follows:

  • Add the ability for multiple users to work on a language pack
  • Clean out the unused language packs
  • Finish the new Lists feature
  • Display contest information when viewing art by tag

If you want to suggest a task, please let me know in the comments.

April Contests

The contests we have planned so far this month are:


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