Augmented Maniac PackTrove Pack

150 18500 Credits 123.3 Credits per Mastery

Added during Crystal Combat update sold on the Trove Store for Credits

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Empowered Gem Box Edition

Produces 1 Empowered Gem Box when fully charged. Legendary Tomes can only be charged once a week. Charges in Dungeons, Geode Caves, and Delves. Purchasable from the Store.



Builder's Superior Focus x20

Gem Augment. This item gives a large augment to one stat on a gem, and that gem's Power Rank. Used at the Gem Forge. Crafted at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.

Class Gem Key x5

Use this key on a Everdark Vault.

Everdark Vaults appear in the Shores of the Everdark after winning a battle in a colosseum.

This key grants a Stellar Empowered Gem with a class ability based on the class which uses it.

Gem Booster Box x200

Open for Gem Dust, Boosters (Jade Clovers, Glittering Horseshoes, Lapis Luckbugs), Augment Materials (Binding Darkness), Golden Gem Keys, or rarely an Empowered Gem Box or Ninth Life booster.

Empowered Gem Box x20

Open for a Radiant or Stellar Empowered Gem, Class Gem Key Fragment, Class Gem Key, or rarely a Prism of Light or Diamond Dragon Egg.

Lustrous Gem Box x20

Open for a Builder's Focus or a Contained Chaos Spark!

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