The tentacles, rocks the stuff cannot be changed, those r send from the server and cannot be picked up from client mods.

So im not able to make it green or any color, sorry.

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Conflicted with glowing ores mod :(

Still, it's a nice mod, thank you for making this :D


Hellu, it cannot conflict, the mod using the textures of the geode topside surface and the fog vfx, there is no block/ore changing parts in it :l

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How do I use this mod? I get a .zip folder, and when i put in mod folder it doesnt work


It should work, also if u get the Trovesaurus Modloader (Trove Tools) u will have easier time with searching and getting the mods P:

Click here to download it

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that is an awesome mod
thanks a lot for making our eyes to rest ;)


Im glad u like it c:

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Someone is exploring the dark side of the moo... of trove :D


Yeesh indeed >:3


Replaces the Red Geode Surface with a Darker Purple Color.


Created: January 31, 2019

Updated: February 20, 2019

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