is there anyone else not getting the rare drop/loot sound whenever a tome is finished?

Edit: it seems that runing in low tier worlds does not give the appropriate sound whenever a tome is finished
...i'll investigate further

great work, i'm using that mod since i started trove, due to me not being able to remember the icons pictures :(
many thanks then, but could the vanguardian be added, please ;)

could we have separate download for each replacement ...please?

i mean i don't wanna have it replace both stellaurion AND petallura though >.<'

Anyway that's wonderful piece of work ;)

excellent, et le fait que la "fleche" soit translucide, est vraiment un plus en ce qui concerne la visibilitée ;) serait super d'avoir cette option directement dans le jeu ^^ 

Greetings; Shino~

maybe we would set our country AND also the langages we are able to speak/read/writte ...
so the sorting option would give us more options ;)

you freakin geniouses <3

could you have a look at the number of beams for the pirate dragon while it is in its lair ...i really feel like it's the number of beams that makes me to drop a few fps


ps: did i thank you? ;p

wonderful, very much apreciated ;)


one wonder why it's not an option of the game itself tho hahah

that's amazing !


this is really smart

i love it ;3

you're genius !

thanks a lot ;)


thank you very much ;)

this vfx is only on scintila tho... which makes me sad, cuz the dragon mod replace za'hadeen



omg omg omg
soooo hyped now :D

wonderful :3

...only downside i'ld say is about the wild one being broken and using part of its original counterpart :D



sorry, remove that from the thumbs tho, please ;)

excellent, would be even better with the ability to chose between Fortras or Za'hadeen, to use with

lol hope you understand that whatever mod is on steam is gonna be on trovesaurus as well, if i feel like i need to do so ;)

Regards; ~5hino

meh, it's not even a dragon :/


i hope it gets in


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