Upgrades your main Inventory and character sheet interface and more. Includes a Upgraded Karma tooltip mod and bug fixes.

  • Changed lock level 15 to actually lock at level 15 and not 14.

  • Fix bug where coeff stat did not update when changing character.

  • Add food to charsheet (thanks kentuky)

  • Fix playerhud buff icons.
  • Add "lock upgrade to level 15" which locks the gem from upgrades when it hits level 15!
  • When "lock" button is toggled the level up button can be spammed with mouse clicks (not just space anymore)!

NOTE: if you are holding space you or spam the button really fast you still risk of overshooting by ~1 to 2 levels this is due to network latency between your client and the servers.

  • Updated for U10 (combat update).


Upgrades your main Inventory and character sheet interface and more. Includes a Upgraded Karma tooltip mod and bug fixes.

Having trouble using the mod? Disable these mods:

Mod still not working after disabling those mods? Check that a mod is not replacing any of these files:

  • ui/charsheet.swf
  • ui/gems.swf
  • ui/inventory.swf
  • ui/lockbox.swf
  • ui/playerhud.swf

Still not working? then delete, rename or move all Override folders in your Trove folder.

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Great, but the Karma tooltip only works on chests and not gems

Theres this bug since the gardening 2.0 came out, you can only switch one emblem. The other bugs out because of the new "food" icon on the character menu. Hope a patch for this comes soon, great mod!


Update your mod then, its been fixed already :)

"lock upgrade to level 15" is really really good feature! but somtimes it gose over lv 16 or locked in lv 14. i understand about first one, but 14 lv one should be fixed i think. thank again for good mod


Known will fix in the next update, it was intentional to limit overshooting level 15 but does not seem to have helped.


umm... it looks like still has this problem...


Not fixed it yet, i focused on other bugs first.

EDIT: It should now be fixed.

Amazing mod, but please make it so you can see if you have an XP potion in use.


This is already in the mod, unless Trion changed something again in how they send the potion information, last i checked was ~1 week ago and then the Bomber Royal coin icon was showing up correctly at least.

Is there a reason why the enhanced ui not apply to the collections tab?

Edit: nvm found a seperate dl for that section.

ExoDave, really like all your UI mods, but without the ability to sort items in inventory and storage this mod is a no-go.  Please fix!

Can you put the sort button, please?

Can you enable the "open till rare" option in the lockbox window?

The only qualm I have with this mod is the fact that you put something in that potentially could violate Trove TOU. I'm thankful that you put that warning Tooltip in, but if someone gets banned because of it, they're probably gonna be pinning this on you.

broken in geode update


What parts? Because it's working on mine...

Is there a 1366x768 verison for laptop cause I have the character info and inventory stick out of the screen

I do plan on fixing this but as of this moment it is not a high priority issue.

You should make better collections. mod manager, superior loot collector, minimap, and better invites come with this. (if not already)

.Tmod files has a file size limit that would prevent me from doing this. The only way to include all these mods would be using a .zip format. However using .zip /override files at this time will break all .tmod files in trove atm.

Oh, ok, makes more sense, i should just install these mods individualy then. :P




Created: August 25, 2017

Updated: July 5, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Collaborative Work

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