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Upgrades your main Inventory and character sheet interface and more. Includes a Upgraded Karma tooltip mod and bug fixes.

Having trouble using the mod? Disable these mods:

Mod still not working after disabling those mods? Check that a mod is not replacing any of these files:

  • ui/charsheet.swf
  • ui/gems.swf
  • ui/inventory.swf
  • ui/lockbox.swf
  • ui/playerhud.swf

Still not working? then delete, rename or move all Override folders in your Trove folder.

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  • Changed lock level 15 to actually lock at level 15 and not 14.

Download Enhanced UI (1.3.3)

  • Fix bug where coeff stat did not update when changing character.

Download Enhanced UI (1.3.2)

  • Add food to charsheet (thanks kentuky)

Download Enhanced UI (1.3.1)

  • Fix playerhud buff icons.
  • Add "lock upgrade to level 15" which locks the gem from upgrades when it hits level 15!
  • When "lock" button is toggled the level up button can be spammed with mouse clicks (not just space anymore)!

NOTE: if you are holding space you or spam the button really fast you still risk of overshooting by ~1 to 2 levels this is due to network latency between your client and the servers.

Download Enhanced UI (1.3.0)

  • Updated for U10 (combat update).

Download Enhanced UI (1.2.0)

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Created: August 25, 2017

Updated: July 5, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Collaborative Work

Trovesaurus Views: 61,596

Steam Workshop Views: 86,551

Downloads: 57,451