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Fixed karma for gems tabs in character sheet

Download Karma Tooltip (v7)

- Fixed a bug with opening of boxes without karma getting stuck

Download Karma Tooltip (6)

- Added an option to open all the boxes with the multi box opening feature, or until the inventory is full

- Added an option to open enough boxes to fill up the karma bar, should work fine in most cases except if you don't have patron and are opening gem boxes.

Download Karma Tooltip (5)

- Fixes for tracking tome progress on new update

- Fix the new lesser dragon cache progress to show the faster karma progress

- Slightly modified warning message on multibox feature

Download Karma Tooltip (4)

- Added a special button in box opening screen for multi box opening options (hopefully safe from any accidents)

- Choose from 5, 10, 35 or 70 options for opening boxes with a single click :)

- Small fix on gems screen, return normal tooltip when gem is deselected.

Download Karma Tooltip (3)


View progress of karma bar on lockboxes and gems in character gems tab, amount needed with patron is in brackets. Also displays progress of daily cubits and tomes when hovered!

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