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Damage Coefficient Stat Published

Created by TheSymbol (PC)

Adds the calculated damage coefficient of your current class to the stats view!


Explanation of coefficient (Thanks Hunter)

The coefficient it's not precisely your attack damage, it's just used to compare your overall stats. As far as I know it's not based off in any real damage per time measurement. You'd need some references to actually know how big your coefficient is. I'll give you some examples on those links, underneath the "Save" button you have the Damage Coefficient.

Those are rather high, but not one of the highers in Trove. The higher ones are around 2.8 and 2.9 (on classes that don't have bonuses, read note below).

Remember to check the "Ally" checkbox to get the right damage.

Example of a Gunslinger

Example of a Candy Barbarian

Note: The Candy Barbarian, aswell as some other classes, have a bonus damage, therefore, their damage coefficient is higher than other classes with the same base stats.


Created: June 12, 2017 (3 months ago)

Updated: August 22, 2017 (1 month ago)


Trovesaurus Views: 5025

Workshop Views: 4643



Mod Downloads

Mac Users: You can manually download mods

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v15 TMOD

  • Updated with the new Eclipse UI!

Download Version

Downloads: 1,648

Created: August 22, 2017
(1 month ago)

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v14 TMOD

  • Fixed the annoying bug that made the coefficient stat not auto update when you swapped character.

Download Version

Downloads: 422

Created: August 12, 2017
(1 month ago)

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v13 TMOD

  • Added support for other languages, it now works for players playing in any other language than english!

Download Version

Downloads: 574

Created: July 26, 2017
(2 months ago)

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v12 TMOD

  • Switched to full coeffcient value instead of rounded million value (note its not as precise as the one on pfiffels website since its not using base damage for the calculation, so its a few numbers off but not alot!)

Download Version

Downloads: 1,249

Created: June 13, 2017
(3 months ago)

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v11 TMOD

  • Fixed bug where stat window was clipping

Download Version

Downloads: 121

Created: June 12, 2017
(3 months ago)

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v10 TMOD

  • Initial Version

Download Version

Downloads: 45

Created: June 12, 2017
(3 months ago)

Used in Mod Packs

Essential Pack by RNG

Mario583's Useful Mods You Might Like. by Mario583

Vitalius' "Make Trove great again" mod picks by Vitalius



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