Damage Coefficient Stat

Author: TheSymbol

Adds the calculated damage coefficient of your current class to the stats view!

  • Updated to Gardening update.
  • Fixed bug where coeff stat didn't update correctly on character change.

  • Fixed for QoL Update.

  • Updated for Geode.

  • Updated for Adventures Update!

  • Updated with the new Eclipse UI!


Adds the calculated damage coefficient of your current class to the stats view!


Explanation of coefficient (Thanks Hunter)

The coefficient it's not precisely your attack damage, it's just used to compare your overall stats. As far as I know it's not based off in any real damage per time measurement. You'd need some references to actually know how big your coefficient is. I'll give you some examples on those links, underneath the "Save" button you have the Damage Coefficient.

Those are rather high, but not one of the highers in Trove. The higher ones are around 2.8 and 2.9 (on classes that don't have bonuses, read note below).

Remember to check the "Ally" checkbox to get the right damage.

Example of a Gunslinger

Example of a Candy Barbarian

Note: The Candy Barbarian, aswell as some other classes, have a bonus damage, therefore, their damage coefficient is higher than other classes with the same base stats.

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this mod still goes higher with its Damage when aboooof 100% CH (like 100% would be 100 then would 101.3% be 101..... just... why does it still say more when higher then 100%?

The coefficient calculation shouldnt use values above 100% CH, it will cap the CH to 100% since anything above that is just useless.

I'm a bit of a dum, so I have no idea what a coefficient, in this term, represents.

i have now updated the description with the explenation that is on the steam page, hope that covers it :)

Works like a charm. Another info stat is always a good thing. Allows us to separate pies from flies. If the streamer is "shy" to show his coeff - he's a ... you know. =)

I can confirm that "Karma Tooltip" mod by StormReaper (its box auto-open part) is working correctly with this mod. I opened a bunch of gem boxes on 70x, and witnessed no problem at all.

TheSymbol, don't worry about the coefficient value, it's roundup error (in comparison to Pfiffel's Damage Calculator) is 0.0001% to 0.0002% (tested on two of my classes, and got a 0.00013898984% and 0.00021731182% roundup error respectively).

One suggestion though - you could add the thousand separators.

when i started using this mod... karma mod didnt want to work anymore :|

They should not be conflicting since they are not changing the same files.

Weird... since this is the only mod ive added lately... and it stopped working :(





Created: June 12, 2017

Updated: June 27, 2019

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