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Damage Coefficient Stat Published

Created by TheSymbol (5), uploaded by TheSymbol (PC)

 Adds the calculated damage coefficient of your current class to the stats view!


Known Bugs:

  • Does not auto refresh when switching classes.


Created: June 12, 2017 (1 month ago)

Updated: June 13, 2017 (1 month ago)


Trovesaurus Views: 2105

Workshop Views: 4343



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damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v12 TMOD

  • Switched to full coeffcient value instead of rounded million value (note its not as precise as the one on pfiffels website since its not using base damage for the calculation, so its a few numbers off but not alot!)

Download Version

Downloads: 1,061

Created: June 13, 2017
(1 month ago)

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v11 TMOD

  • Fixed bug where stat window was clipping

Download Version

Downloads: 113

Created: June 12, 2017
(1 month ago)

damage-coefficient-stat-by-thesymbol-v10 TMOD

  • Initial Version

Download Version

Downloads: 37

Created: June 12, 2017
(1 month ago)

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Vitalius' "Make Trove great again" mod picks by Vitalius



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