Replaces the hairstyle "Li'l Belle Peep" and the Dracolyte Lvl 2 (Level 10) Costume in place for SkyTheVirus' personal costume depicting Vitus, the Commander of the Virus Army. 

[Recommended hair color: Red]

Version 1.1: Ultimate Metallagmeno and Orb Bomb have been added. Also, a complete rework on the costume and ally to change color tones and form.

Version 1.2: Removed hairstyle and choosing of either lvl 10 costume or (creator preferred) lvl 30 costume (coming soon).


(Creator's Choice)

Replaces lvl 30 costume

Download Commander Vitus (1.2.2)

Removed the unnecessary hairstyle, since it is now in-game under Lady Hairstyles on page 10.

replaces lvl 10 costume

Download Commander Vitus (1.2.1)

Metallagmeno Ultimate form and Orb Offering added. Total rework on the costume, ally and VFX.

Replaces lvl10 costume and hairstyle

Download Commander Vitus (1.1)

Initial Upload
Replaces lvl10 costume and hairstyle

Download Commander Vitus (1.0)

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Created: January 27, 2017

Updated: August 11, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 2,935

Downloads: 785