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TheSymbols Chat Mod - Customise your chat experience!

Features can be customized!



Default Changes
These are the changes which are in the mod as you download it by default, there are also "customisable changes" which can be found below and in the configuration creator.

  • Whisper notification sounds
    A sound which plays when you receive a whisper, by default this is the forge upgrade sound.
  • Whisper color change
    The color of whisper messages is changed to be more readable by default.
  • Timestamp
    The timestamp is what shows the time a message was posted, this is set to 24 hour format by default.
  • "Easy reading mode"
    This feature is one which will be hit or miss for many people (but don't worry, it's customisable).
    Working differently in Trade chat and ST/Ultra chat, this feature is able to (most of the time) figure out what type of message is being sent (example: WTT/WTS/WTB for trade) and colors the entire message after that keyword a certain color.
    • Trade chat
      WTS and WTB have similar blue shades, which are pretty easily distinguishable at a glance.
      WTT is a vastly different color due to the fact that we thought having 3 blue shades might get confusing, this type of trade is also often rarer so this won't show up as often.

      Here is where this feature shines. When messages with multiple types of trade in them are recieved, it can change the color halfway through!
      This is especially helpful on those long messages listing a lot of items that might change from WTS to WTB halfway through.

    • ST/Ultra chat
      In shadow tower chat and Ultra chat the color change for "Looking for group" or "Looking for more" messages.
      LFM (also works with "X/8" being in the messages) colors the rest of the message in the "Looking for more" color.
      LF / LFG / INV / Invite all work for the "Looking for group" color.

  • Symbols (Emojis)
    Emojis are in the game! By default they are all turned on. There are 4 categories, these being "basic", "meme", "ST" and "trade".
    For a full list of emojis, look at the User guide / Manual.
    • Basic emojis
      Basic emojis are things you'd expect, like smiley faces, these are available to use globally.

    • Meme emojis
      Meme emojis include various memes and emotes you might recognise from elsewhere, including some trove specific ones.
      These are limited so that they may not be used in ST and Trade chats, to reduce spam & clutter.

    • ST/Ultra emojis
      In shadow tower chats specifically, there are some emotes which operate within them.
      These emojis replace SW, WP, PIN and DOTM (also variations of them) with symbols of each tower taken from the game files.
      The emojis also change color to red or purple if "HM", "UM" or variations are mentioned during the message.
      (Warning: this won't work with multiple tiers of shadow tower and will just take the highest tier to color all emotes this way).

    • Trade emojis
      In trade chat specifically there are some emotes which operate within them. These emotes (for now) are symbols for pearls and stars relating to gear.
      They replace instances of "5*" or "5 star" with the star emojis.
      This is also the case with Pearls, when "1 Pearl" or "1P" through to "8 Pearl" or "8P" is typed in.
      All of the Trade emojis are created by SkyRider3217! (Huge thanks to her <3)

Customisable changes
There are many of you that might want your version of the mod to be slightly different, say, changing a few colors you dislike, removing a group of emojis that you do not wish to see.
Fear not! There are many things about this mod which are customisable by the user via the prefab file, find out more about it on my website's configuration creator

Want to get more emojis in-game? Then head over to the request form!


Huge special thanks to the people that has helped out or come up with suggestions to the mod!

  • Comply, ExoDave & Arion4K - For beta testing the chat tab system.
  • ExoDave - Huge help with image work for the new tab system.
  • SummerHaas - For helping out with coefficient calculator.
  • Skyrider3217 - Making Symbols (Emojis) for trade chat.
  • Atom & Arion4k - Organizing the suggestions document, suggesting features & bug testing.
  • Arion4k - suggesting the Emoji system!
  • StormReaper - For telling me about the language configuration idea.
  • Altovod - For his CME Mod that i took inspiration from on some features.
  • Standa - For reminding me about Global chat colors.
  • vizthex - For suggesting 12 Hour time format.


  • Fix missing badges.
  • Add 57 new emojis.
  • Add 2 new streamers.
  • Add 2 new aplha players.
  • Add 4 new youtubers.
  • Add 11 new club logos.
  • Update 5 club logos.



Download TheSymbols Chat Mod (2.2.7)


  • Fixes issues with name colors changed in geode (everything should be back to normal again).
  • Changes back the purple color for purple to the old darker version instead of the shitty light version.



Download TheSymbols Chat Mod (2.2.6)


  • Fixed bug where some club logos didnt display properly.



Download TheSymbols Chat Mod (2.2.5)


  • Small changes in preperation for the Geode expansion.
  • Added 33 new emojis.
  • Added 5 new club logos.
  • Added 6 new streamers.
  • Added 2 new alpha players.
  • Added 2 new youtubers.
  • Updated 1 club logo.



Download TheSymbols Chat Mod (2.2.4)


  • Added /closealltabs command.
  • Added 10 new emojis.
  • Added 2 new club logos.
  • Added 1 new modder.
  • Updated 2 club logos.
  • Fixed bug where load message disable setting didnt hide all load messages.



Download TheSymbols Chat Mod (2.2.3)


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