Bian Lian Art

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The art of face changing that was a performance that originated from Si Chuan, China.

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Really liked how the minimalist traditional clouds has a red and gold tapestry leading down to another set of clouds, like a never ending cascade. Much like how there appears to be never ending masks being brought out during face changing  performances.

Also wanted a face in the back just to freak out the player once in a while.

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Author: MojoTaega

Tags: Costume,Dragonfire Peaks

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  • blueprint 26+
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_abdomen
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_arm_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_arm_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_cape_c_01
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_cape_c_02
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_cape_l_01
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_cape_l_02
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_cape_r_01
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_cape_r_02
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_chest
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_foot_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_foot_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_hand_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_hand_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_hips
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_knee_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_knee_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_shin_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_shin_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_shoulder_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_shoulder_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_thigh_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_thigh_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_lvl4_ui
    • equipment_helm_crimefighter_lvl4[technoshyft]
    • equipment_weapon_fist_076
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Created: September 14, 2022

Submitted: September 14, 2022

Accepted: October 5, 2022

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 459

Downloads: 16