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Out of Date - This mod has been marked as out of date on October 4, 2023. This is likely due to the original file being changed by the Trove Team, it is unlikely to continue working and the mod author will need to submit a new version.

Mod Description
Network lag caution, automatic upgrade gems,you can choose the level you need, the default 15 levels.网络卡顿慎用,自动强化宝石UI,可自行选择你需要的等级,默认选择15

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This time the auto upgrade of Old Version Mode should not be more terrible than before.

Enabling Old Version Mode should not create an empty Item use table this time.

1.3 MB

Auto Upgrade Gem can now be upgraded stably, network latency will probably not be a problem, and the old upgrade mode will be retained, you can check the box yourself.

This time also added gem upgrade item calculation, which can only be calculated at the beginning of Auto Upgrade :) If you press spacebar may miscalculate.

1.3 MB

Fix the problem of sometimes going back to Character Tab from Gems Tab.修复有时候从宝石标签回到角色标签的问题"

1.2 MB

Added some settings that do not affect the function, so you can set your own background color, of course, you need to use the cfg file, do not use it does not affect the normal function.

1.2 MB

Nothing has changed, just deleted some useless pictures

1.2 MB

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Auto Easy Happy UI.cfg 51 B
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very good. still works.
needs to be updated... :(
liked this!


only thing outdated here is sigil. everything else is working fine
when update and more mods currently your ui doesnt work with karma bar can you and the original poster of enhanced ui colab and make one mod ?
liked this!


would be better if TheSymbol just split enhanced ui into separate mods


ddude just get luis box history mod fastest and has karma bar all his mods are better than the symbols rn bc the symbol hasnt been updating atm


hell auto easy happy is still good for me atm and its way better than symbol especially sinbce u can customize it in game to whatever u want
Nice work!
i love you
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Author: LiuLianF

Notes: automatic upgrade gems, you can choose the level you need, the default 15 levels.自动强化宝石UI,可自行选择你需要的等级,默认选择15级

Preview Path: ui/LLFUI.png

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Created: June 28, 2022

Updated: September 11, 2022

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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