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Cosmic Justiciar

Devoid of bias or passion, settle all disputes.

Crimson Curse

Borne willingly by wayward souls many times through the ages.

8-bit Basher

This antique input device is the original zone controller.

Ancient Cipher

Many sages have sought to decode its secrets over the ages.

Battlefury Blade

A monstrous blade for warriors with anger management problems.

Binary Botbiter

It has 10 different ways of dealing with droids.

Blacksteel Buster

Some mercenaries prefer their swords to do their talking for them.


Every life taken is an offering to the Blood Lord.

Bunker Breacher

Chews through rock, walls, armour plating, and anything else that may stand in your way.

Dead Ringer

Batters the living to charge its dead battery.

Dusk Sky, Dead Sigh

One of six fearsome swords fashioned for a formidable foe of light.

Embersteel Edge

The fires of its forging were never fully quenched, and persist in the living steel.

Fusion Falchion

An early beam blade from before the advent of arc-beam technology.

Hardlight E-Razor

Overexposure to its light-emitting diode is likely to lead to death or deletion.

Heavy Duty Neonsaber

It bears the burden of honor lost and a vow unfulfilled.

Licorice Lacerator

Fashioned with fronds from a licorice lasher for maximum flesh flagellation.

Lunefire Lancet

Found near the remains of a fallen star in a bygone age.

Protracted Battler

An attack from a precise angle will easily bypass any defenses raised against it.

Rimesteel Razor

Shaved ice was first concocted by Candorian traders travelling through Permafrost.

Source Slayer

Data disruption algorithms are encoded into its edge.

Armored Autocannon

The blast shield is more to protect your face from muzzle flash than anything else.

Blaze Buster

Puts a damper on even the most ardent foes.

Bumble Bomber

It is said that Professor Rakshi's greatest creation remains undiscovered to this day.

Framework Fabricator Pistol


Handheld Industrializer

Reverse-engineered into a permanent "Deconstruct" mode.

Perilous Plasmacaster

Every shot is a gamble with this erratic raygun.

Quantum Quickslinger

It rewrites the laws of physics in the vicinity of the boundary between 'ammo' and 'projectile'.

Sorcery Index

Don't point it at anyone you like, just in case.

Verdurous Vaporizer

Optimally tuned for clearing overgrowth.

Wormhole Borer

Punches holes in the fabric of spacetime.

Face of Chaos

Try not to stare at others too long, it makes them a little loopy.

Divine Depiction

An abstract piece, portraying deity as concept.

Demotivational Speaker

Why bother? What's the point? Does it even matter?

Cursed Contemplation

Rather than give in to despair, Korobas sat and meditated on his plight, looking for a loophole that would set him free.

Glowering Goggles

Make you see red, literally and figuratively.

Healer's Concealer

Screens the face from scrutiny and pathogens.

Hidden Gaze

The veiled eye sees beyond the surface of reality.

Mask of the Faceless

Shields and subdues one's true nature.

Mining Mask

Great for traversing noxious environments, whether natural or man-made.

Misleading Misanthrope

Its cold robotic heart harbors little love for your kind.

Retrofitted Rebreather

It has a few custom parts meant to enhance its performance.

Shroud of Anonymity

Poetic identity protection from petty injustice.

Slime Smile

Nothing slick or sleazy about this simple expression of joy.

Slope Streaker

They help keep your eyes open while hurtling downhill at breakneck speeds.

Smart Screen

It goes back to being an idiot box when you take it off.

Smoldering Stub

Reserved for when plans come together.

Squalling Specter

Yearning and regret permeate this woe-filled mask.

Star Commander

Always ready to step in the ring and take on all comers.

Steely Visage

Show no weakness, only cold steel.

Visceral Visor

Everyone is an enemy when you are seeing red.

Voiceless Scream

The face of abject terror, denied release.

Wolf Princess

The perfect balance of beauty and beast.

Bloodlord's Burden

Boundless bloodshed weighs heavily on mind and soul.

Boss of the Planes

Provides protection from inclement dimensional weather.

Cemetery Stalker

Overgrown with lichen like the graves of the dead its wearer hunts.

Commanding Cap

Commands respect on and off the battlefield.

Dark Hood

No one will know.

Gold-Souled Ruffian

The fiercest underdog is one with something worth protecting.

Mighty Miner

Harder than diamond, and just as stylish.

Rooster Romper


Soul Surveyor

Seemingly unable to move on to the next world.

Tiger Topper

Looking Greeeeaaaattt!


Fleas confirmed.

Cat Bandit

Hello unlocked cooler!


For those bad hare days.

Autumn Pin Head

A big fan of banquets and other foodie festivities.


You gotta be kitten me right meow.


Quite Ribbiting.


The type of friend who will never let you go.


Best in his field.


Squeal the spotlight!

Regal Eagle

Fireworks not included.

Tiny Turret

Its naive-sounding AI is a consummate and cold-blooded killer.


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