Arriving on 5/5/15!


* Chaos Chests have been randomized! Some seasonal mounts, some love, and a preview of the Uni-Cycle!
* New starter pack now available! This pack is $5 and contains 750 Credits, 5 Chaos Chests, the Dark Hood cosmetic unlock, and the Foreman Footwear ally unlock. This ally grants both Jump and Lasermancy!
* New wings now in the store! Xero Line and Bloodseeker. These can be purchased with Credits or Cubits.

* All Treasure Isles NPCs, spring beetles, and Desert Crabs will now drop trophies! Thanks, Tribe!

* You can now use /joinworld [clubname] to join a club's world directly! Note: this will only work for clubs that have had a member log in since the patch.

* Both Ships and Sails are now under the Ships collections tab. Both Fishing Poles and Fish are under the Fishing collections tab.
* Diggsly has leveled up his Lasermancy stat and now provides more for his allies.
* Diggsly now grants 50 mastery.

* The Shadowy Market has an assortment of new items for trade, including four new Allies, a Fishing Pole, two new sails, a Mag Rider, the Dark Hood, and the Insanisteed!

* New Boot allies are now live! Craft them in the hub by the pirate hut.

* Bloodsucker Wings now known as Bloodseeker Wings. Lore.
* Fixed a bug where blocks could be placed in the hub.
* The Feisty Flamedancer now properly spawns its invigorating flower as a when you deal damage.
* Miner's Trove and Costume Mystery Box are now opened like other boxes, rather than by being thrown on the ground.
* Boat cannons and buoy destruction should now have appropriate audio.
* The icon for the Magic Carpet has been updated and now shows it in all its glamour.
* The Disciple skin for Ice Sage now has a unique projectile for "Ice Crash"
* The Sugar Skull skin for the Candy Barbarian now has a unique projectile for "Eis Crom Cone."
* The Dark Infineon skin for the Candy Barbarian now has a unique projectile for "Eis Crom Cone."

* New Shadow Dungeon from LegendaryStudios and Barneebrown.
* New bow styles by homeofmew, Arradir, ParagonHawk, se7en, PinkiePie, 5p3x, Zeeg, Lurax, MamaGabby, jolsensei, Soulrenor, ShadowF1ghter, DestinyCutter, FriedSushi, MonsterAnt, Maneledo, Fiscon, LaFreakki, Pwego, InfineonJ, Khali, MotzerellaSauce, Daeminos, Erir, Thijsss, Popez, TigerLove, Ixion, Aodahn, Madlyaza, Yuyukey, Tribe, BrianVI, Megabash, Aey, Palurian, TNT_101, colabubble, Jallafish, Buff_Mantuff, billybeatable, Minecraftian, chocobag, TeeKayM, and Niestrat99 have been added to the game!
* New Fae Wilds dungeon from KtlavskoX.
* New Fae Wilds dungeon from Walyn.
* New Undead Hills dungeon from Stedms.
* New Undead Hills lair from Arnoxuz.
* New Treasure Isles dungeon from Yuyukey.
* New Permafrost lair from Jusiv.
* New Permafrost lair from Hooborg.
* New Neon City lair from Lazy_Kyu.
* New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Khastiel.