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User Lists

Coll (1 items)

Created by TheFirstBoG (PC), 2 weeks ago

Stuff is I'd like in the game (0 items)

Created by Kirth (PC), 2 weeks ago

AceMillerX (1 items)

Created by AceMillerX (PC), 2 weeks ago

734162564 (0 items)

Created by 732162564 (PC), 2 weeks ago

Candorian Trovian Gear (0 items)

for candorian item suggestions, al other biomes will have a list!

Created by Inkbert (PC), 3 weeks ago

cool (1 items)

Created by cyclicoak5856 (PC), 1 month ago

`1 (1 items)

Created by Trento5 (PC), 1 month ago

Epic stiff (1 items)

Created by falconnor4 (PC), 1 month ago

artemiyuber (0 items)

Created by artemiyuber (PC), 1 month ago

Lunal Lancer (1 items)

Created by Lunal Lancer (PC), 2 months ago

List of Oddities (8 items)

Stuffs that exist in collections on live PC servers, yet never have been obtainable in any way.

Created by Ylva (PC), 3 months ago

Trove Xbox-One (5 items)

Created by RageVanes (XBOX), 3 months ago

Etaew's Test List (6 items)

This list is to test the features of the list, so you guys won't blame me if things go wrong. Here are a list of items, for no reason whatsoever.

Created by Etaew (PC), 3 months ago



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