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  • Flakbeard
    • Avast! There be dragons! The terrible and relentless Flakbeard has been spotted in the Treasure Isles! Yarrrrr!

    • Snowfest has ended - but the Crate 'O 150 Gears and snowflakes will remain for a limited time. Craft something with your remaining Subzero Snowflakes, because they will melt soon (ie - you will permanently lose any you don't use!)
    • Holiday Tree dungeons and Present lairs have been removed.
    • The hub has returned to its normal Winter version.

    Costume Updates
    • The Dracolyte Plum Fairy costume now has a new ultimate form, pet dragonling, and burnt offering.
    • The Pirate Captain Rat Royal costume now has a new parrot skin.
    • Candy Barbarian costumes, Frigid Fiend and Shaggy Yeti, now have more appropriate VFX.
    • Changed the name of the helm for the WInter Waker costume to "Winter Waker Helm".

    Additional Updates
    • Fixed bug where Knight's ultimate VFX didn't appear.
    • Fixed bug where using Neon Ninja ultimate and basic attack at the same time could crash the client (and probably fixes similar ability crashes as well)
    • Fixed bug where Ice Sage's Frozen Ward absorbed damage and was removed for all attacks.
    • 4 new animal head styles have been added to the Stash Exclusive category! Enjoy your new Mouse (Mouseketeer), Rhino (Discount Unicorn), Panda (Emo Bear), and Rabbit (Booplesnoot) hats!
    • Duplicate Trovian Trawler removed from collections.

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