Masked Mercenary

Thanks to Everscream we are giving away 10x Masked Mercenary costumes for the Neon Ninja.


July 4, 2018, 3:00 pm UTC
2 years ago


July 11, 2018, 3:00 pm UTC
2 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 10


10x Masked Mercenary

10 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


1,448 Signups

0.69% chance to receive 1 reward

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Didn't win


I'll never win xd

Give me plz XD


i need this costume

Good luck everyone!

I hope ya lose! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Im pretty excited, 2 more hours :o

hope ill get lucky

Give me this  item



I love you trovesaurus and trove hope i win ;DDD


Good luck guys!


Good luck everyone!

j'espere gagner, bonne chance a tous ! :)

hope i win


Is This For Pc, Only?


i need


I need that costume to fit my collection suiting my dragon 

GL @ everyone

Pretty cool costume!

I really need one... I just got 1.3 mil flux but bought about 100 tows and got three mounts two birds and a turtle I can't spell the right word lol I'm tired but I  NEED. FLUX or other free stuff lol I'm poor now...:(...

Good Luck

Good luck everyone!

Good Luck!

Can I please have this costume I never had a costume for any character before

This costume is awesome please let me win this for my player so my player can have something good

it wont kill me to try


I hope I win bc if i do i could sell it and finally be able to afford Ganda. C:



Good luck!


Gl everyone

Hi im new

J'espere l'avoir bonne chance a tous il est magnifique 


Good Luck, and have fun people! (Trovians)

looks like a really cool costume! good luck everyone.

Good luck peoples.

bonne chance a tous et gg aux futur gagnant

GL to all and for those NN lovers

Bonne chance à tous et merci pour ce concours ^^

pls, i really need this to get mastery lvls in trove



This is one nice contest


yummy? its a costume


I know, I mean it is awesome

[Deleted User]

This comment by RexDinor has been removed by RexDinor

GL @ all

Enjoy, y'all! ;)



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