Neon Ninja

Elusive and deadly, the Neon Ninja slices and dices enemies when they least expect it. Backflip into stealth and surprise your enemies with thrown shuriken, and then obliterate them with the forbidden Final Technique.


Shadow Flip

The Neon Ninja flips backwards and enters Stealth Mode for 3 seconds, granting invisibility and a movement speed increase.


Shining Star

The Neon Ninja's attacks can generate up to three Throwing Stars, which are thrown when using the basic attack while in Stealth Mode. This attack deals double critical damage when charges are at max.


Stasis Blade - Level 3

The Neon Ninja dashes forward. Enemies struck take damage and are rooted in place for 2 seconds.


Final Technique - Level 5

The Neon Ninja's basic attacks hurl damaging energy swords which refresh the duration of Stasis Blade on enemies.


Heuristic Haxstar

Empowered Water Gem for the Neon Ninja. Thrown shuriken are larger and have a wider effect area, pierce enemies, and apply the Stasis Blade effect. Three ring shuriken deal additional damage and bonus critical damage. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.


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