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A table of the unluckiest people on Trovesaurus, those who have entered the most giveaways with no wins. Reach 100 and we'll send you 3 Reward Tokens.

User Giveaways Entered
Med0nt Reward Given 157
tab9999 Reward Given 145
Pipinka Reward Given 125
Luone Reward Given 111
LupusDominus Reward Given 106
Sebastian456 93
AyeeJJ 92
Zoomyman3612 90
RonesGlory 90
Hikari36 88
Stelven 88
Caaattt 87
Drixzelh 87
jewbmx 86
darek1231 83
Lyserg 80
roboman666xo 80
C0wb0ys8 78
MissPixel 78
KiritiPT 77


Expired Explorer
Giveaway Ends 6 days from now

Art Contest

Heckbugs in Love!
Art Contest Ends 3 days from now

Mod Contests

Valentines 2020
Mod Contest Ends 5 days from now


Heckbugs in Love!
Event Ends 3 days from now

Hyperstar Hoverboard
Giveaway Ended 1 day ago

Cursed Cathedra
Giveaway Ended 2 weeks ago

Expired Explorer
Giveaway Ended 3 weeks ago

Cataphract Construct
Giveaway Ended 4 weeks ago

Aino's Costumes Art Challenge
Art Contest Ended 4 weeks ago