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Simple designs are turning out to be more complicated than my actual complicated designs. But thank you for the detailed explanation. I tried to make a design with a bit of twist and slight rule breaking but i got caught in my voxel schemes, this crime will probably be repeated again as i like playing with my designs but i'll try to remake this into a proper shaped 20 with middle 1 bow.

Hey, I d like to pitch in a bit on this one :) I absolutely agree that the bow could use some balancing, and some variety in a fruit size would add some charm too!

But the bows (on creations) need to have that Attachment Point in the very middle of 21 size. So 10 voxels of length - attachment point - 10 more voxels of length. It can be less, but cant be more. The game counts on that and splits the bow in a half at that AP spot for animations, so a bow with both sides closer in size to each other would look more "correct" in game.

At the moment the bow goes noticeably in the ground on basic attack on boomeranger and ultimate on shadowhunter.

Comparing the current design with the bow template:
(and a possible edit below. Its ok to have a branch on the bottom if you want to, but it shouldnt cross the AP line)

That said, the bow looks pretty good and organic as a plucked out berry bush as is. If you make a matching costume and upload it as a Mod (over here> ) you wouldnt have to change a thing. Styles that come with costumes only need to work with those exact costumes, while creations do Have To work with pretty much everything in game.


As always thank you for the feedback, much appreciated ^^. As for the edits, i like them and would love to implement them but your suggestion goes over the allowed length of 21 voxels, or are we allowed to extend it a bit if necessary?

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I'm so glad you decided to try out a bow! I love asymmetrical bows and this fully grown tree looks like an aged-up version of the sapling bow

Sapling Self Bow   which would make a great addition to the styles.


A couple of suggestions ^^

First I think it would be better for you to turn the weapon so the tree top is facing the front and the roots in the back to avoid most of the ground clipping when boomer ranger walks.

Second, it would be great to have some variety in fruit sizes, and maybe add a little more thickness to the tree's leaves.

Last, to balance it out a bit more the roots in the back could be a tiny bit longer.

Definitely don't need to try the last couple of suggestions if you don't see them fit with your design.

Back to active for now, hope to see it again soon! ^^

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