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2 months ago

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#1885 floren_base1.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1886 floren_bf1.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1887 floren_tower2.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1888 floren_base2.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1889 floren_middle1.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1890 floren_middle2.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1891 floren_tf1.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1892 floren_middle3.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1893 floren_bf2.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1894 floren_tower1.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download

#1895 dungeon_floren.dungeon June 20, 2022 Download

#1896 floren_tf2.blueprint June 20, 2022 Download




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Floren status has been set to Approved

Ylva 2 months ago

Floren status has been set to Needs Review

ABprice 2 months ago

Floren status has been set to Active

Ylva 2 months ago

Floren status has been set to Needs Review

ABprice 2 months ago

Floren status has been set to Active

ABprice 2 months ago

Floren status has been set to Needs Review

ABprice 2 months ago

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Creation Status Changed to Approved
by Ylva June,21 2022 14:15

Wow, just wow :D Exceptional work!

I really like those new inner layouts, they are much more player friendly, but still somewhat challenging.

Everything seem to be in order, happy to approve :)

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by ABprice June,20 2022 22:24

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Thanks for your review! and yes, this is my first creation. also I do agree to everything that u said in the comment. I will make some changes and send it back :)
Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva June,19 2022 18:29


Whoa, this dungeon is really well made :) And it looks like this is your first creation too? Very impressive!

All the functional elements seem to be in place, amount of decorations is just right and im really happy to see those natural blocks and small grass :)

Unfortunately there is one major thing that this dungeon is lacking - variations. Every dungeon must have a few 'layouts' that it can offer to players. Without that it will become very repetitive after a short time.

Currently your dungeon consists of one blueprint that contains all the parts together. To make variations that big structure would need to be cut into separate pieces. I would suggest to separate it into Boss room, Gameplay Room and Entrance. Any other combination could work too, as long as various pieces can assemble together to form a randomized layout.

Once you have separate pieces you would need to make them differ. Each room should have at least two options, but more variety is also welcomed.

For example, variations for the Entrance could be:

  • current narrow pipe going up
  • larger pipe without platforms but with updraft blocks
  • even larger pipe with spiral staircase going up

On top of 'functional' variety its always nice to have some visual variety too, so may be there could exist some extra pillars or other structures.

Same applies to every other separate piece.

Speaking of that narrow pipe though, i believe it might be a bit too narrow for players to climb through. It works perfectly if you are lone in the metaforge, but for a player running on Geode Topside trying to complete as many dungeons as they can while fighting the lag it might get frustrating. I understand there is not much room within current design, but may be the existing platforms could be used in a larger pipe with more room on the inside, while current narrow pipe would get an updraft instead?

Also, just as a thought, since your boss room has entrance in the middle and the quest spawner is close to the wall it would be really troublesome to complete cursed skulls objectives. Some of the mobs might even try to spawn on the outside.  That said, i believe such placement should be quite alright for single target objectives.

Im going to change status of your dungeon to Active for now. Hoping to see it back on Review with some variations! 

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Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by ABprice June,17 2022 20:57
Creation Status Changed to Active
by ABprice June,17 2022 10:07
Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by ABprice June,17 2022 06:58