Eggshell Contest - Shadow and Chaos - 1/5

[Dungeon (1 Star)] [Shadow Dungeon]

4 months ago

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Only a few days left till the end of contest, hope you can find the time to finish this Egg Shell :) 

liked this!



There are still SO many possible variations of both Shadow and Chaos.
If one user makes a Shadow themed shell it does not mean that nobody else can use the same theme. I am sure you can come up with a very different and unique design :)

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by Ylva January,10 2022 08:40


Contest has only started today, but i suspect it might have been 'today' in other timezones for quite some hours already :)

Eggshell looks really nice, im very fond of all the tentacles! Good job :)

It would seem that there are some extra blocks on the inner side of the shell. Please remove those, it is only allowed to add blocks on the outer side.

I highlighted the extra blocks in yellow circles. Checking that shell on a dungeon shows that the cluster of blocks on the left (of the image) is poking through not only no-bomb shell but also through normally destructible blocks.

If i remove those, you can see how severe the damage to the no-bomb shell is.

This means that i am not allowed to approve this shell as-is :( 

Also, you only need to include the base blueprint. As you convert you main.qb and main_s.qb the Specular map gets baked into the main.blueprint.  We have full explanations of that in step 4 of Event Instructions > 

Last but not least, please add the 1/5 to the name of your creation, even if you only ever would want to submit this one shell - it helps us keep track :)

I am going to change the status of this one to Active. Please remove those extra blocks.

Hoping to see it  on review again :)

literally the first egg submitted took my idea >:(

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by ZertVic January,09 2022 00:52



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