Broken Vengeance

[Spear] [Shadow Dungeon]

4 weeks ago

by Raghnal Home Files Download ZIP

Hi there,

i created this a long time ago and it was also accepted. I just read the reddit post, aboput this website.

Sorry, that i am that late.

Best regards


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Thanks :-)

i will do, if i have a good idea :-)

Creation Status Changed to Approved
by Ylva May 11, 2020


Thank you for double checking! 

Going to approve it, hope it catches more Dev attention this time :)

Also, here on the site we require a blueprint to be uploaded straight to Creation page, Files button in top right corner. It should be named with creationtype_creationname[CreatorsName].blueprint, and so in your case spear_broken_vengeance[Raghnal].blueprint . I ve uploaded one it for you this time around (made from files in your Troxel link), but please do it yourself if you d be uploading more creations, and i hope you will!


Yes, i mailed it to the Trove Submission e-mail, as it was told me in reddit, but it was not added to the game yet.

The for the submission credited name i used in this mail was also 'Raghnal'.

I checkt it from time to time in the Database of this site, but i never found it.

I would be very happy to see my style in the game :-D


No worries, there is no rush at all :)

Are you absolutely sure the spear has not been added to the game? I was under impression the spears of all styles made it in. We had couple of batches come in.

Have you mailed it to Devs under 'Raghnal' nickanme or was it something else? There are indeed no styles in files for Raghnal.

If its not in game i would be happy to approve it here on the site too :)

Not going to change the status of your creation, please reply to this comment of mine.

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Raghnal May 6, 2020






Needs Review




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This Creation was Approved by Creation Moderators and is waiting to be considered by Trove Developers for Acceptance.


Broken Vengeance status has been set to Approved

Ylva 4 weeks ago

Broken Vengeance status has been set to Needs Review

Raghnal 4 weeks ago