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7 months ago

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This spear takes notice on both uses of a spear: stabbing and swinging. The name comes from the idea of the axis of the spear's head when used where there's a clear part of the head meant for stabbing and another part for swinging the spear. The swinging part of the spear is a half-circle with points at the middle made to bite onto enemies. The stabbing part is combined with a metallic needle and electric cyan blades. For a little accent, I added purple glowing glass to bring up the effect of it being an electric piece of equipment.

And if I could wish for the flavor text to be: "Warranty does not cover electric components, you still have five metallic blades, which will do just fine!"

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by Ylva October,13 2021 20:32

Congratulations! Your creation has been added to Trove - Crossfade!

It can be found in collections under Styles > Spears > Neon City.

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by ActualPostCard September,20 2021 15:32
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by ActualPostCard September,20 2021 15:32


Thank you, I managed to post it on Reddit just before trove creations was moved here. It didn't manage to get approved in time back then but glad you enjoy it. I'll keet that file naming in mind!

Creation Status Changed to Approved
by Ylva March,02 2020 09:50


What a nice spear! Very clean but interesting shape, classic neon colors and beautiful design, well done! I think i saw it posted on reddit before, but dont think it was approved, right?

In any case, happy to approve it now! Hope to see it accepted :)

Ps. if you post more (and i really hope you do!) please be sure to use creators name in square brackets on the blueprint, spear_crossfade[Polkadog].blueprint . i renamed it for you this time around so i wont have to set you back to active just for that.

liked this!

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Polkadog March,01 2020 18:31



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