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Someone murdered Ganda and made head out of her head... no need to say thanks for wearing this... beautiful head as hat?

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by TheStimerGames March 26, 2020

liked this!


We got a reply that for unique thing as Ganda is, disconnected bits will be fine. I still think a beak could be a bit higher + may be a bit more details/patterns/shading overall could be good for it :)

Set the status to Review if you upload any changes to it!


Hello, Ylva.
I will wait till Devs' reply and see if it get accepted as "flying parts are fine here" or not.
Also - i could take my real life cat as base for another head... or go further and see what Lycanite's creature i can take))

In anyways - thanks for reply. I didn't expect this thing to be Approved, it was just a joke))

ToW rare drop style :).

Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva February 29, 2020

Hello :) 

I do like the idea of ganda helmet, it feels epic and royal! We are unsure if Ganda fits in the challenge since he s a completely Trove creature while contest is mostly focused on real-life animals + well known mythical creatures. But outside of challenge it should be just fine as helmet!

Another thing thought, floating parts are a huge no-no for Creations in general, but we were not given directions about them for helmets (presumed to be a no too) so we asked Devs for their opinion on this one. I wont expect a reply till USA monday, but we might get lucky.

May be you could see if its possible to attach floating elements to main part with it still looking Ganda-ish? Also i think if a beak was just 1 voxel higher it would look better, giving it a tiny chin under it and tiny bit less empty forehead space.

Going to set it to Active for now while we are waiting on a reply. If you wish to work on or post something else in the meanwhile you could set status of this one to Draft, that would free up creation slot :)

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by TheStimerGames February 29, 2020






Needs Review




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