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This is my old project which i posted on reddit before!

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Thank you for your big reply, wow! I just found some information about colors for set _a, _t and _s on the old trove wiki, and i don't know about what if voxels that are not glowing or glass are mapped with iridescent, thank you for this information too! I wanna work with this project, if i had a free time.

P.S. About a colors of biome: I'm just not sure about biome and changed it randomly, but i will be glad to save this colors, if it possible.

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by Ylva December 14, 2019


Yeah, i remember seeing that sword on reddit, i think you posted it after reddit was suspended but i might be wrong.

I like the color pallet, very intense and bright :) However, if you are aiming for Geode Topside biome it might be good to move those blue ones a bit closer to green as biome colors do not have such blue among them. 

About the shape, at the moment it is very repetitive. All those spikey blocks do have some charm, but unfortunately that is not something that i would be allowed to approve. Going for some clean shape and easy to understand design is usually the best.

Another thing, there are over 900 swords already in game so all future swords have to be unique and out of the ordinary to get in. Dont get me wrong, your sword is unique, but i worry it might need to stand out more to get accepted. Turning it ino Axe or some other type of melee weapon might work.

Last but not least, your Material Maps overlap eachother. One voxel can not be glowing and iridescent at the same time, neither can it be mapped on alpha map (only for glass).

On the left is your mapping, on the right is mapping that would work. From top to bottom, main model (qb); type map (_t.qb) - note that i recolored some glowing voxels to default white so other mapping could be used on them instead; alpha map (_a.qb) - note that only voxels that are glass or glowing glass (or tiled glass) get alpha map, rest are default white color; and specular map (_s.qb) - note that only voxels that are not glowing or glass are mapped with iridescent, rest get default red (rough) color. Hope it makes a bit more sense :)

With all that above, im going to set this one to Active for now, please work on it a bit more and include in-game screenshot next time you submit it for review. If you would want to discard this sword and create something completely new instead, set its status to Draft, that would free up your slot for Style or Deco creation.

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by PinkiePie December 14, 2019






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