Shaman's Shellos

[Spear] [Treasure Isles]

2 months ago

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This is a unique spear made from a spiral pink and blue sea shell, with a blue water-like loom at its base and a matching clam at the opposite end.

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by Ylva May 6, 2020

Congratulations! Your creation has been added to Trove - Shaman's Shell!

It can be found in collections under Styles > Spears > Treasure Isles.

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by entity January 14, 2020
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by Meowser January 10, 2020
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by Ylva December 9, 2019

Looking great! Usually its best to avoid chess-board patterns, but i think in this case it is not that noticeable and works fine.

Happy to approve Version 9, well done :D

For future reference, you would also need to upload blueprints of your creations so developers could easily download it once they chose to put creation in game. Blueprints should be named CreationType_CreationName[Creators Name].blueprint, on an example of this one - spear_Shamans_Shellos[Never7iamond5].blueprint. You can not upload\change blueprints once creation if approved by moderators so to speed things up this time around i ve uploaded your blueprint for you, please do it yourself for future creations. Hoping to see more from you!

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by Never7iamond5 December 8, 2019


You ve design a really good spear from the first attempt, impressive :D

There is only one tiny thing that needs to be fixed. Some of the blue glass voxels are corner connected.

Could you please connect them to the rest of the model? Something like this would work, but you are welcomed to do it in any way you d come up with :)

In Troxel there is Lint and Export button you could use to check technical side of your creations. Chose the type, hit a button and see it highlight any issues, if there are some.

Dont forget to set your creation status to Needs Review once you are done with those floaters :D


Several tries later the culprit has been found; pesky color palette compression. The bit of extra effort was all worth it for others to be able to properly judge it. No matter the outcome, thank you so much again for your consideration and kind words on my first project. I look forward to many more, and I will stay vigilant for any modifications you may require.

Happy Troving,



If you follow Step 7 - Troxel from the guide, you should end up with working Troxel link

Make sure the Read Only checkbox is unchecked when you export as a link.


Thank you so much for your consideration, do you happen to know how to get the correct link.


I like the idea of this spear very much! Great shell shape too :D

Unfortunately, your Troxel link seems to be broken. Please make sure there is a proper working one before you submit this for review.







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