Trove Servers Down: ETA ~4 hrs.

Started: Thursday, February 27, 2020, 4:00 pm UTC - 45 minutes ago

Hi everybody,

There's an incoming hotfix scheduled for Thursday, February 27th, starting at 8:00am PST / 16:00 UTC. Downtime for all platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4) is expected to be about 4 hours.

Check out the Patch Notes here:

Trove Japan

Country Community managed by no-one
If you would like to, please contact Etaew

Trove Japan Description

Trove Japan Clubs

Clubs that have the text Japan in their title or description.

Japan Shadow Tower (PC) Club: 60 (#759)

No club description has been entered.

/joinworld japan shadow tower View Club

Japan Union (PC) Club: 13 (#969)

No club description has been entered.

/joinworld japan union View Club

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